Walls & Wishes Drama Group

I facilitated the Walls and wishes drama group from 2005-2011. Funded by Aimhigher, and in partnership with the Dreadnought Youth Centre, it was aimed at young people aged 12-16 in Cornwall-to support them in successfully completing their secondary education and then moving onto higher education.

Through Dramatherapeutic approaches, and through regular theatre performances, young people were supported to identify the challenges they faced in their daily lives and to work beyond any limitations and move towards reaching personal and academic goals.

Several films were produced over the six year period documenting the young peoples dramatic journeys.




‘The group has enabled many firm and safe relationships to build with each young person feeling supported and able to perform in front of an audience. The increase in confidence astounded the parents of 2 young people. One set of parents thought they were watching a different son as he made jokes and strode confidently across the stage. The other was amazed that her daughter was able to mix confidently with peers who were much older than her, and that she maintained her friendships with them throughout the week.’ Nicky Worsnop Manager Dreadnought Centre Penzance





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