Psychosocial Support Project Libya

‘There has been many benefits to our school from working with the DCA PSS project. We have noticed that everyone in the school has changed their behaviour. Now the children are like brothers and sisters. They used to be so violent in their playing after the war. The PSS team managed the process of change so well.’ Hassan Elebeid. Fatma Alzahra High School May 2014.

I was commissioned to manage, design and deliver a schools based Psychosocial support project in Misurata, Libya for 18 months during 2013-14 on behalf of Danish Church Aid.

Sports Project

The project ran for five days. Children from sixteen schools were trained in team sports, and recreational activities.
‘ The sports project was so useful, because the activities and games have been applied in our sports classes at school. Salem Abustayla, Shohada Assabt Primary school May 2014

Creative Project

This was a project divided up into five parts; 1) We developed original training films and resources in English and Arabic.  2) We used our films to train teachers and children about creativity. 3) We trained parents in creative techniques. 4) We supplied schools with films and creative resources to encourage creative classes. 5) We launched a competition where we asked young people to work together to discuss Peace and show through creativity what peace meant to them.


Leadership Training

The Leadership training was for high school students aged 15-17 years. it was organised in close collaborations with the  Ministry of Education. Seventeen students attended the training. The aim was for young people to learn new skills of positive leadership, develop a positive self identity, identify talents and communication skills. The two day training consisted of discussions, drama exercises, learning games, art and communication exercises.

Educational Quiz


The Quiz was a six day educational competition between 28 schools in Misurata. It focussed on curriculum subjects and was aimed at promoting study for upcoming exams and teamwork. One headmaster said; ‘The quiz is an important and beautiful competition. I hope that is happens every year and involves all of the schools in Misurata!’

Art of Peace Competition

The Art of Peace competition grew naturally out of the creative workshops, and had a dual purpose: To encourage schools to use the art materials and the new skills learnt, and also to explore together the theme of ‘Peace’, and what that meant to them as young people. 471 young people participated in the competition, and 55 teachers supported them. Art work was presented at an exhibition open to the public in April 2014.

Our Futures Film Project

The Our Futures film project was aimed at raising skills in 1) using a move camera 2) editing 3) animation 4) writing a script 5) making a short film 6) working together as a team 7) giving young people a voice about their future 8) training teachers. The project consisted of a three day training for teachers, and students, media resources to schools, and the making of one minute short films and animations by the young people.

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