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Maintaining relationships for your successful business

There are numerous costs to a business when relationships go wrong-lost contracts, lost reputation, loss of time due to staff off sick with stress, loss of days due to conflicts not being resolved. So what are the key elements that businesses need to put in place in order to build strong relationships, teamwork and motivation? How can disagreement be a creative process rather than lead to a destructive process? These and other questions are explored in this talk and can be followed up with training and coaching services offered by Helen.

Forgiveness is Fierce: Re-discovering the ancient path to freedom and peace

Forgiveness is a subject that most people have an opinion about-you might to. ‘Forgiveness is Fierce’ is an interactive talk offering an exploration into what forgiveness is / isn’t, why it is beneficial, ways in which is is deeply misunderstood, and a look at the journey people undertake in order to experience it. The talk is informed and inspired by people who have managed to transform inner pain and anger and find inner peace.

The talk is suitable for clubs, organisations, conferences, educational establishments. for an after-dinner speech or that can utilised as a start point for discussions. It can be followed up by a workshop exploring the themes.

Peace is Possible: Why we don't have it and how we could


Peace is possible: Why we don't have it and how we could

Is the world getting more or less peaceful? Should we be more scared of a terrorist or a bathtub? Why is it so difficult for us to imagine peace? In this fast paced witty talk Helen explores these and other questions challenging us to see peace not only as possible, but something that we all can play our part.

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