Gwellheans Recovery Structured Day Programme

In 1997 I was approached and invited to be the first Manager, of what later came to be called Gwellheans Recovery.

A group of professionals and people in recovery from addiction had come together to create a new project that would support people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Statutory services were offering many services to people in terms of helping them to stabilise their addiction. But there was something missing.

Once people were stabilised their chances of returning to their previous addictions were high as there was a huge gap left in their lives. Their friends and lifestyle revolved around their addictions. so they needed something to fill this gap. They needed to learn new skills, to meet new people and be support in their transition to a new life, drug and alcohol free.

Starting from scratch, and with the full participation and partnership of professionals and people in recovery we designed a Structured Day Programme which we ran from a centre in Redruth, Cornwall. Adults could attend groups in relapse prevention, creativity, womens groups, green woodworking, tai chi, meditation. computer skills, motorcycle riding and mechanics, dramatherapy, and life skills. I left Gwellheans in 2003 after seven years, to pursue my own practice as a newly qualified Creative Psychotherapist.

‘Having emerged from eight months of rehab, I had not expected such a strong sense of isolation from the community as I did, despite on-going counselling and one to one sessions. At first the group programmes at Gwellheans served to get me out of the house, and keep me out of a rut. But in time, with techniques of self help and meeting new people my confidence has improved dramatically.’

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