Retreat-exploring how to live when sea levels rise July 27-30th Cornwall

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In a world 70 years from now your coastal home has become uninhabitable. Sea levels have flooded harbours and eaten away the land, causing large parts of the coastline to collapse, with houses falling into the sea. You and your family have become climate refugees and are evacuated to higher ground.
The unthinkable has happened… what do we do now?


RETREAT is offering families the opportunity to be part of an exciting hands-on creative residency to discover, imagine and design how to live when sea levels rise. Harboured in a holding camp in the highlands of Cornwall you will be guided on a journey to resettle. Questioning and playing with the ‘comforts’ we take for granted and assume as our birthrights, we will ask what it is we need when all we know is washed away. Expect to be outside and engage in creative and playful activities for all ages; expect firesides and good food, making, building and thinking, music and stories.

The project will take place at a 5-acre plot of land between Porthleven and Camborne. You will camp on a campsite with adequate but simple facilities. Food will be provided. Showers and toilets are available onsite. Parking is limited but available. There will be a variety of organised activities that you can choose from, as well as time for you (and your family) to hang out. 

We are looking for active families that want to play, make, create, build things, invent, discover, share ideas, contribute to the group and support each other.

Anyone is welcome, but we have a very limited amount of places, so if you are interested in joining we ask you to commit to the following:

  • You and your family must commit to the full duration of the residency (4 days).

  • There will be a fee of £ 12 per person (covers 4 days of accommodation and subsistence; under 2 year olds join for free); payment must be made upon confirmation of participation. 

  • A willingness to collaborate and contribute to the tasks that are offered as part of the project. 

  • Responsibility of under 18 year olds is solely with the parents at all times during the residency.

  • Attendance and contribution to the final exhibition is required as part of the project

    More information and booking:


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