• "The coaching has given me a structure which has enabled me to begin to work towards achieving my goals. It has helped to keep me focused and moving forward each week. it has encouraged me to take action and keep to a timescale."

  • "The coaching programme has helped me deliver results that are far beyond my expectations prior to starting the programme. I was unsure as to exactly how this programme would develop, however with my Coach's support and guidance I have been able to really clarify what's important to me, and focus dedicated time to these priorities."

  • "I learnt a lot from our coaching sessions not only with regard to achieving my personal goals, but I believe I learnt a lot from my  Coach's style and the creative and often inspiring techniques she used, such as using visual representations which I found incredibly powerful."

  • “Helen has been inspirational and completely  professional  in the projects she's worked on for us . She has been able to work with a variety of groups and her reflective approach has ensured positive outcomes and continuous improvement.”

    Jayne Howard Director, Arts for Health Cornwall & Isles of Scilly
  • “I am usually very uncomfortable in groups but Helen's positive, direct and caring approach, put me much more at ease than I would normally be. Helen is an inspiring, interesting lady who lifted my eyes to the outside world, when I only looked at the ground. Helen has been a first class facilitator. Very positive, calming, confident and communicative.”

  • “Not many things are perfect but the two day training:  'Going The Extra Mile: Supporting the wellbeing of refugees' was pretty close.”

  • "Helen has coached our management team and helped us review our organisations core business strategy and procedures. She led the process in a very professional manner and this has finally given us a very clear vision of where we are going. I would recommend her without reservation."

    Cynthia Tosu Director, Hope Mission, Botswana
  • 'Helen has a profound commitment to working in the conflict resolution field which she has demonstrated both intellectually and in a series of practical engagements in peace related projects. She is exceptionally skilled and talented in bring together creative arts and drama with peacebuilding projects and in my view this culturally creative work in peacemaking will be increasingly needed and increasingly productive in international peacemaking.'

    Tom Woodhouse Adam Curle Chair in Conflict Resolution, University of Bradford
  • 'Excellent content, well organised and well presented. Helen was a clear trainer, focussed, relaxed and good at leading.'

  • “Comprehensive training which covered it all. Good balance of activities, and great management of timing and pace”

  • 'Really very good training, well structured, high quality content, excellent facilitator and a good venue.'

  • 'Thank you Helen. I found the course so valuable. Such a rare treat to be facilitated so skillfully and gracefully.'

  • “I've been meaning to email you since January began, as it's about a year since we met and you did your amazing life plan session with me! I wanted to just let you know how much it helped me. I was able to let go of some of those self-imposed restrictions we all seem to lug about with us. And I decided to answer a call and do something I had wanted to do for a long time. Thank you for the light touch which you bought, helping me to see the way ahead! It was a truly wonderful experience.”

  • 'The Forgiveness Discovery workshop was a profound, powerful, inspiring, healing and soothing day for me, thank you again. I won't forget this work, and am so grateful to have been  introducing to you and it. '

  • 'Helen's skill and competence combined with her warmth and wisdom enabled a space of trust and clarity.'

  • 'I'm humbled by your wisdom, skill, experience, commitment and passion to this work. Thank you so much Helen. The word humbled comes to mind. Humbled by this work, your work, and an awareness of how simple this is, and how deeply effective and how much we need it.'

  • "Helen's work for DCA in the psychosocial realm has proven to be of consistently high quality and she has responded to different tasks with enthusiasm, dedication, and a solid understanding not only of the field of psychosocial support but also of DCA's competencies and wishes for the work. Helen has and continues to be, a highly valued resource person for DCA.'

    Signe Normose Head of Support DCA Humanitarian Mine Action
  • “Helen's work for DCA in the psychosocial realm has proven to be of consistently high quality and she has responded to different tasks with enthusiasm, dedication, and a solid understanding not only of the field of psychosocial support but also of DCA's competencies and wishes for the work. Helen has and continues to be, a highly valued resource person for DCA.”

    Fatima Elsiwi Teacher Alkhansa High School
  • 'Helen easily and quickly gained my trust and respect as a co-facilitator on the drama project with the children at school. She was easily able to inspire and engage us all-and the children were excited and enthusiastic about their experience and the things they were learning throughout the project. Helen was conscientious in ensuring listening and reflective practice with the children, making sure their needs and interests were at the heart of the project.'

    Sally Cooper Field Lane School Batley
  • "As a facilitator with the Projecting Plymouth project, Helen has worked with diverse groups of young people across Plymouth, raising their aspirations and supporting them to produce and deliver exciting projects that make change in the city.  She has engaged and inspired her group members, using a variety of practical, creative techniques to help them realise their ideas.  I have been very impressed with the quality of her work and innovative approach, and look forward to collaborating in the future."

    Mel Scaffold Real Ideas CIC
  • 'I have worked closely with Helen in developing the delivery of a creative therapy group for women with, or at risk of suffering from, post natal depression. Helen’s work in facilitating this group has resulted in some phenomenal outcomes for the women who have been referred to the group. Simple moves forward for many of the women which were unthinkable before meeting Helen. Helen is extremely professional and intuitive in the tailored care pathways which she initiates for each of the women individually. Feedback from the women within the group and the professionals that make the referrals to the group is always extremely positive. Helen, quite simply, is an amazing practitioner that is a joy to work with who I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.'

    Kirsty Jones Children Centre Manager
  • “Having had the opportunity to get to know Helen as a colleague, I have a very high regard for her work. She identifies young peoples needs, often hidden within their behaviour.  She works in an unconditional, non-judgmental way and continually reviews the group and the needs presented within it, so that both the aspirations and self-esteem of the young people attending can be raised - and I hasten to add with much success! . Helen communicates regularly with myself and the funder's of the drama group so that we are informed of any developments/difficulties along the way.  As a result, Helen has proved herself to be reliable, trustworthy and professional within her work."

    Nicky Worsnop Centre Manager Dreadnought Youth Centre
  • “Helen has been inspirational in her leadership of this group, and has turned around the lives of some of our most vulnerable families. Whilst full of fun and laughter, the groups have become a lifeline for the women involved, and this is all down to Helen’s skill and talent in bringing out the best in them, and re-building their self confidence. Responses from the women involved have been really positive, and the outcomes are amazing. Helen responds to their needs intuitively, and yet with a gentle approach that instils confidence and a sense of security when it is most needed.”

    Caroline Willis Family Services Area Manager Cornwall
  • "Helen is highly professional and has made relationships of the highest calibre with children, parents and staff in our school. She has the ability to listen effectively and in an inclusive way which makes everyone feel equally valid and important. Helen has effortlessly turned what was a freelance appointment into a highly popular and effective additional member of staff."

    Jill Wood Little London School Leeds
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