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The Living Peace Initiative is a new community interest company based in Cornwall. It has been set up to provide benefit to  individuals, families, groups, organisations, businesses and communities who are experiencing, recovering from, or are at risk of incidents of disagreement, conflict, hate crime, intolerance, discrimination, prejudice, fracture or violence. It has five core areas of focus: Community Cohesion, Conflict Transformation, Healing the Harm, ‘Peace I am ‘ and the Peace Portal.


Our aim is to provide interactive spaces, community events, talks, films, performances, exhibitions, peace café, education, and other related events and services to promote community cohesion.

Conflict Transformation

To provide coaching, training, education, spaces for dialogue, and other related

activities in order to build the capacity of ‘the community’ to engage in, and

support others to engage in disagreements in a healthy, productive,

and creative way, focussed onto win-win and non-violent outcomes.

Healing The Harm

We will provide workshops, information, facilitation, guidance and tools about healing, forgiveness, restorative approaches and reconciliation processes to support inner and interpersonal peace after harm caused by, for example, but not limited to crime, prejudice, discrimination, violent events, terrorism and other related events.

Peace Portal

The Peace Portal will be a learning portal (both online and in future via a resource centre/ library) where knowledge, ideas and inspirational examples can be shared about peaceful living. This will include where appropriate, learning from the Living Peace Initiative e.g by producing reports, and findings from activities, good practice guidelines, videos, blogs, quotes, tools and practical resources.

‘Peace I Am’

Activities to support and promote ‘Peace-builders’ within their communities to carry out peace activities -with a particular but not exclusive focus on engaging more women and young people to participate in a peacebuilding capacity, and in communities impacted by violence. Activities to include promotion and awareness raising of the peace-builders, coaching, resources, advocacy and psychosocial support activities to promote wellbeing and resilience.

Forgiveness is fierce: Re-discovering the ancient path to healing and peace.

‘Forgiveness for me has been nothing more than an act of self-healing and self-empowerment. I call it a miracle medicine. It is free, it works and has no side effects.’ Eva Cor, Auschwitz survivor.

In 2010, I began researching the people who had experienced some of the worst possible situations in life including murder, rape, torture and kidnap. From their stories of recovery, I began to map the territory you might understand as forgiveness. My findings are fascinating, humbling, and inspiring, and I want to share some of these with you in this talk.

Forgiveness is one of those subjects that just about everyone has an opinion about. You may too.I became interested in it when I was studying a two-year programme in conflict resolution – there was not a single mention of forgiveness.

Nobody was talking about it as a vehicle for peace.


The reasons for the dismissal and silence revealed themselves as I explored.

So did the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who had experienced some of the most terrible things, and yet had navigated a fierce, courageous and often lonely path, through anger, rage, and fear, to a place of healing, freedom and peace.

At this talk your invitation is to explore with me, and discover the extraordinary and ancient path of Forgiveness, and be inspired and humbled by some of the most important peacemakers alive today – ordinary people who have chosen peace over hatred and revenge.

Helen is a Trainer, Coach and Creative Psychotherapist with an extensive portfolio of working nationally (including seven years as Charity Director) and internationally (including New Zealand, Botswana, Tunisia and post-conflict Libya, South Sudan, Kosovo, and Belfast). She is a Rotary Peace Fellow, and holds an MA in Conflict Resolution and a first degree in Law. She is passionate about forgiveness and the transformation of pain, misunderstandings and hurt into peace with ourselves, eachother and the planet.

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